Jenny Kraft’s 5th-grade classroom at Whittier International Elementary School - 2 hours

Jes Reyes and Spectrum ArtWorks, open studio hours -  3 hours

On Thursday Jes, Hanna, Taylor (another volunteer) and I met to discuss workshop plans and schedules. We were able to establish more details regarding my lesson on Adobe Photoshop basics and create a signup sheet. In order for the lesson to as useful to the artists as possible, we decided there would only be six participants. I am also going to be working on guide packet for the studio to keep (as otherwise, I have no materials cost) that covers how to use Photoshop to edit and save documentation of traditional artwork. Jes is happy I chose to do something so dry but utilitarian because Spectrum has computers equipped with the Adobe Photoshop suite. I also know at least one of the artist owns a computer with Photoshop Elements, so I hope to be able to describe processes that can be done using both tools. Accessibility was a large concern from the beginning, but after talking with Jes I realized that sometimes accessibility is not only an issue of materials; it is also one of teaching. Even where there may be materials, there is not always also people to instruct in their use.

On Friday the Art Ambassadors continued to take photos and create backdrops. Ms. Dominguez decided it would be better to use these to display the printed photos rather than take photos with, just because the students haven’t been able to finish any. I again was in charge of the group that stayed behind to draw and did my best to get them closer to finishing. I think that the large paper and restriction of not drawing objectively intimidates them. I tried to encourage them to think of how cool the finished product would be, but they weren’t feeling especially forward thinking. One student complained about how unfair the concept of school was, which is an old trick I remember from being 11. I gently reminded everyone that this could be a fun activity and not a chore, and decided to follow up by introducing a little competition by also taking on a backdrop. Having me working with them (and betting I would have a funny colored backdrop first) was enough encouragement to get them focused. Using competition with kids always feels like cheating, but I know this group well enough that they would prefer me working alongside them.