Unity School - Ms. Cara, Kindergarten -  5.5 hours

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DR. SEUSS!!! We read a LOT of Dr. Seuss this week and on Thursday the Cat in a Hat visited our classroom and read us Horton Hatches an Egg. It was just a high school student wearing a cat in the hat costume but the kids LOVED it!! They listened really well, and all got their picture taken after. It was fun for me because I haven't read that book since I was in Kindergarten, I didn't realize how heavy the story is. I remember his books being fun and rhyming, but I didn't remember that he can tell a GOOD story too! 

I got to go to art class again this week, where they were finishing up a drawing they did last class. They drew a fish in a fishbowl, and outlined everything in marker and colored some of it with crayons. This week they got to paint it with watercolor. They did really well with the watercolors, they listened to instructions and were excited to get started. It was obviously not the first time they used the watercolors, because they didn't have a lot of questions. Everyone was proud of their finished paintings. And I was able to set up a shadowing for part three of this class's requirements. I am going to go in and shadow the Elementary Art Teacher for two full days during spring break. I look forward to see the variety of students she teaches and what exactly is a day in the life as an Elementary Art Teacher.