Whittier School - Jane Swatosh - 30 minutes

            This week I didn’t go to Urban Arts Academy, there was no school this past Monday. Krista and I were going to meet on Monday morning, but she wasn’t feeling well and was having car trouble—we are going to reschedule soon.

            I did meet with Jane Swatosh from the Whittier school—I walked over to Whittier school to meet with her before the school day started. We discussed what I would be there to do, observe and help her and eventually teach an arts integrated lesson.

            We also discussed the times I would be going in to work with her and her students, we decided that full days were a good idea, as I could get to know the students better and observe and assist the entire day. We discussed the IB program and what Jane uses to help in her teaching of the information required by such a program.

            I will be going to Urban Arts Academy tomorrow, I’ll be working with the usual instructor for the class and I am excited to meet her and observe the way she interacts with the students!