This week I didn’t go to Urban Arts Academy—I caught the flu last Wednesday and am still recovering. I didn’t feel like I should be around children and possibly get anybody else sick, but I also desperately needed to catch up on my classwork and my studio work, as I wasn’t able to be out of bed for nearly four days.

            I have been working on a few new pieces—I have critiques for them this week. I’ve been embroidering with hair and collograph monoprinting on handmade paper. I installed it today and feel the piece, the third try on this piece, is still wrong. I have also been working on a project where I install crown moulding on pillars on the MCAD campus. I’ve had a lot of trouble with this piece as well, and while I feel I can only improve, I am not feeling confidant in my art at this point. I have spent the past five weeks on each of these pieces and I was very excited about them, however, I have hit many bumps in their creation and they have been more of a headache than anything else.

            I will be going to Urban Arts Academy next Monday, and most likely meeting with Krista as well. While I am at UAA, I will discuss lesson ideas with Katie and begin to draw up a lesson plan.