SW: 2.5 PCAE: 2.5 Hours

This week was amazing, I got to do my lesson at Perpich and it felt really well rounded and the kids seemed to really enjoy it. Using the lecture as a jumping off point for comic structure, the group didn't need much encouragement to start. Rather, they were glad to start and experiment with this new, spontaneous form of art making. I really enjoy working with that group- the level of interest and talent there is really great to be around. I'll have one more meeting time with this group- not this week, but next. I've loved working with Pat.

At Southwest, I got to help out with some technical drawing in some One on Ones with students. Instead of simply drawing something for a student, I try to explain visual problem solving as simply as possible, see if I can't get them excited about their assignments and enter the drawing from a different angle. I didn't stick around for art club this week though- I've got too much of my own finals to worry about. This week will be my last at South West, then I'll help them hang their MCAD show toward the end of May. Excited for that.