SW High School : 3 Hours / PCAE: 1.5 Hours

This week was an irregular week for both high schools because of the approaching Spring Break. Perpich's classes were a little different because they were starting their interim retrospective gallery for Seniors, and South West was wrapping up it's quarter the Thursday I was there. I spent a good amount of time with Pat's Junior level drawing class and I talked with each student about the drawing project they were starting. A few students were actually going to China within a couple days so they were excused and the other students were still in the planning/sketching phase. It was nice to hear their ideas though.

There was a quick painting critique at South West for their self portrait paintings. I was glad I finally got to sit in on a critique with them! There was a wide range of styles and representations that the students took. Both the painting class and the upper-level class were turning in their sketchbooks and reflections, so it was a sort of hectic day for me to be shadowing, but I helped as much as I could and talked to students about their plans for spring break.

Both schools will be on break next week, so I have a week to work on my own projects as well as my lesson plan for PCAE.