Southwest High School - Cecily Spano - 3.0 hrs

This week my hours were a little shorter- it turns out that Southwest's Art Club only meets every other Thursday. When I arrived, Cecily ended up needing some materials for the hardware store for her next hour's class so I obliged. The students were working on putting together sketchbook covers, using old magazines to make collages. I tried to interact with the students a little and make my way around the room, but high schoolers are really insular. It's difficult too because most of them are just listening to music and just want to focus on their task. 

The next hour, I did a little presentation on my work. I was a little tired that day so I was worried I didn't seem as put together as I can be. The students in this hour were more experienced arts students and many AP art students so they were more interested than the previous class, they asked me a couple of specific technical questions about my art making and sketched quietly.