Spectrum: 3.5 hours

Intermedia: 3 hours

 I held my Animating Drawing workshop at Spectrum ArtWorks today. I think it went really well. The experience in seeing all the artists , my peers, working on a single piece together was amazing. Everyone acted accordingly in sequence one after another drawing and reacting to the page before them. It was an incredible culmination to see animated. It has been a joy being part of this studio; I'm going to miss it. Maybe I'll just show up for open studio hours now that Abbie filled the internship position here.

Intermedia held more of the same kind of labor tasks. It feels good to help. It's like I tell Audrey, "There's no task too small or too large here. It all counts."

Speaking of Audrey, she wasn't here today because she's working in New York. Instead Wendy held interim position for her.