Spectrum: 3hours 30min

Intermedia: 2 hours 30 min

Genie was in the studio at Spectrum on April 6th! It was so good to see her; she's been busy working for the Impossible Things show being sponsored by Spectrum ArtWorks. We discussed the progress of her triptych and talk about art and function. I always feel strange offering any advise to working artists because I am happy just working in studios like the one associated with resource.

In fact, I've decided to make that my main focus; it is my goal to establish a community center without boundaries. I'm not interested in the gallery anymore. It seems trite and selfish to me now. I want to help bring art to those who may otherwise not be exposed to it. But beyond that I want to provide a safe place for human beings to express or just get off the street for awhile. We as people need to be acknowledged; we're not alone and I want to be one individual who says, "I see you, and you is all you need to be."

On April 7th I worked at Intermedia. My day began with the same tasks but later took on a more personally satisfying role as I began to disassemble the old show and install the new show Me(me) a youth exhibition by local young artists. This involved painting many pedestals and spaces a bright teal. I don't exactly understand the color choice but it seems to fit the theme quite well. This experience was very fulfilling. Though I didn't get to meet any of the artists involved I saw their work and was very impressed. There is even a young photographer from MCAD in the show. I think I met her at the beginning of winter; she had shot me while I drew on the skylights of the first floor studios beside the outside the lounge area.