Name of Project: Performance Workshop: Individual Choir

Grade Level or Age of Participant: Various

School, Teacher and Classroom: Independent Instruction; Powderhorn Park

Teaching Artist:  Levi Oftelie 

Overview of Project

The project’s main intention is to build self-confidence in the participants. On their own will members will sing openly while walking as a group. They will have headphones on streaming their own individual music choices to diffuse social awkwardness.  

“Big Ideas”/ Essential QUESTION(s)

The big questions being addressed through the social performance  is unity and its presence within a community; what is self-awareness and self-confidence encouraged?

Outcome Objectives

1.  Participants will be evaluating their presence against another’s.

2.  Participants will analyze their relationship between individuality.

3.  Participants  will create a mass through individualism.

Prior Knowledge

Participants  only need to bring their own  knowledge and experience about singing and an object to hold their music - such as a cell phone or ipod.  This experience can be minimal. The project is not about quality; it is about output of one’s  Self. 

Lesson Preparation Timeline

Advertise: 3 days

Create Playlist: 1hour

Purchase headphones for a large group

Implementation of project 

Editing and presentation: 1 hour 

Examples of Artwork

The artist models the work.

Additional Resources


What participants learn will be entirely dependent on their own involvement. Hopefully their peers will inspire them and hopefully they would inspire their peers.


Headphones and device to hold music such as: cell phone, Ipod, mp4 player, etc

Learning Activities and Timing

The artist is the gather, begin, support, inspiration and facilitates participation.  The time required will depend on the need. The beginning of the performance the artists will emphasize the importance of individuality and not being too self-conscious.

Teaching Artist Reflection

There is a risk of having no one show to the exercise. More encouragement may be needed.

This project has been designed to help participants boost their confidence and sense of Self.

Feedback will be provided through the enthusiasm, or lack of, from the participants. Afterward a informative dialogue will occur with participants and witnesses.