Name of Project: Beginning Printmaking: Pressed Drawing

Grade Level or Age of Participant: High School, Drawing levels 2 & 3, ages 15-18

School, Teacher and Classroom: Jennifer Latuff, Coon Rapids High School, Drawing 2 & 3

MCAD Teaching Artist:  Austin Eckstrom, Fine Arts Painting Major

Overview of Project 

This is a lesson on monotype printing. Beginning with a brief presentation on history of print, and showing some of the instructors own work, then leading into the demo and taking the students through the process step by step. The students will be required to turn in three prints that demonstrate good color use (limited palette, complimentary or analogus colors), mark making, and craft. For inspiration, the students will illustrate the words: silence, fluid, intense, bodily, mechanical, and chaos. They may pick one, or multiple to inspire their prints. Utilize day one with examples and let students gather materials, ideate, and sketch. Day two will be strictly work time and one-on-one meetings.

Visual Arts Content or Standards

Strand: Artistic Foundations

Standard: Demonstrate knowledge and use of the technical skills of the art form, integrating technology when applicable.

Benchmark: Integrate the characteristics of the tools, materials and techniques of a selected media in original artworks to support artistic purposes.

 “Big Ideas”/ Essential Question(s)

Printmaking is a unique medium to work with helping artists move freely with new materials and 'happy accident'. Most high school level students will not have the opportunity to work with printmaking in their art experience in grades 9-12. It is highly process-based, which is new to them and allows them to grapple with new techniques and applications.

 Student Outcome Objectives - Students will:

1. become familiar with a variety of printmaking options including monotype

2. Observe a monotype demo and apply monotype markmaking techniques to their own work

3. Create or design a successful monotype print that

            - Demonstrate good craftsmanship

            - Uses of various types of mark making

            - Demonstrates good composition

 Prior Knowledge

At least a high school level drawing 1 experience completed, preferably bother levels one and two.

 Lesson Preparation Timeline

  1. Write first draft of Planning Backwards Lesson Plan go over details with art instructor

  2. Experiment with materials (Ink, plates, paper, etc.) for further clarification and understanding for demo.

  3. Check materials provided by classroom, purchase any materials needed.

  4. Revise Planning Backward Draft

  5. Prepare Ppt

  6. Set up 15 studio minutes before class.

 Examples of Artwork


Emphasis on craft is important to printmaking. Some students may produce stellar work, others more average, but all work should demonstrate good craftsmanship - clean flat prints, no excess finger prints, control ink amounts and press tension.

Students should demonstrate understanding of the printing press and mediums used (Craft) but also wise choices in color palettes, composition, and creativity in illustration of the word chosen.

 Students’ work ethic will be a large determining factor of quality work.


brushes - various sizes 

plexi plates - various sizes

water-soluable inks

printing presses

Strathmore paper and newsprint




Learning Activities and Timing:

Day 1

1. Intro. ppt. (10-15 Mins)

2. Demo (10-15 Mins)

3. Students Prep, Sketch, Get Materials (10-20 Mins)

4. Clean up 

Day 2

1. Overview of day 1

2. Work time (20-30 mins)

3. Download/Look at each others work (5 mins)

4. Clean Up (10 Mins)


 Teacher Reflection

Time, mess, color mixing, craftsmanship, materials waste are all problems that can all come up and can be addressed most easily at the introduction and demonstration of the process. Teens generally will need gentle reminders.

Student Work