Expo Elementary - 2nd Grade Teacher Ulla Tervo Desnick - 6 hours

Tuesday Feb 23rd 2016. The kids are starting to get to know me its sad that I am going to have to leave them soon.  I really enjoy helping them learn especially during the math lessons I feel like I have really made a difference.  I think I have a bit more of a creative side when it comes to teaching math.  They 2 very interesting exercises today that I wouldn’t expect 2nd graders to understand but they did.  The first one was a writing exercise where Ms. Ulla played a video of a mother eagle caring for her nest and had the kids just listen and watch then write down their observations.  After they were done they came to the circle up front and shared what they wrote down and I was really surprised at how much they had really toned in onto in the on 60 second clip.  The next was a yoga exercise where for about 2 minutes they did a yoga pose and then after they all shared how it made them feel and I was really surprised with the reactions and how much the children really thought about how it helped them center the thoughts and calm down.  I’m excited to teach my lesson but at the same time I wish could complete all my hours at this school I really enjoy the classroom and the teacher.