Expo Elementary - 2nd Grade Teacher Ulla Tervo Desnick - 6 hours

Tuesday Feb 2nd 2016. Today is my first day on site.  It was such and exciting day to meet all the children and see their smiling faces in the mornings.  Some gave me hugs when they came in the door to introduce themselves others were shy and I could barley hear then when they walked back.  They started of the day today by taking out the packet they had already been working on about different famous places or monuments.  The students went back and read their notes and then started rewriting their corrected sentences in their final booklet.  They pretty much just copied what they already had and I tried to help them understand the corrections made to their paper.  We got out with them on recess and I about froze with no hat or anything, I was not prepared for that.  Math is the last subject before I leave for the day they were working together with partners on word problems that dealt with adding and subtracting.   I really excel at math and enjoy helping kids understand math in a way that can be fun to them.  After that I said my goodbyes till next week.