Barton Open School - Allison Rubin - Uppers (7th and 8th Grade) - 2.5hrs

January 22 - January 28

This week I l was given some insight into the fluidity of schools. In the last week it was planned that there would be a short algebra review as the students moved into their tessellation and transformation unit. At the front of the unit, it was originally planned that I would teach my art-infused lesson as an application of learned material. As it so happened, the students needed more time to do their algebra review. 

After being able to stay and watch the introduction of the lesson I was able to make edits to my own lesson based on timing. I think being able to watch and actually being able to observe that lesson was very beneficial, and has given me some ease of mind for when I teach my lesson on Tuesday. It was evident that for the for some of the students the information was new, and others a review. After surveying the room to get a sense of what students new, Alli demonstrated how to being to make a tessellation using a square and ways to ensure the shape will indeed tessellate. There was physical evidence of learning in the fact the student who didn't understand, now did and were more excited about the making aspect of tessellations.