This week at CMA in the Exploring Media Class we did another round of stop motion animations. This time we kind of let the kids have freedom to practice all of the different things we have learned throughout the class. Rather than letting the kids pick their own partners for this exercise, we assigned people who normally don't work together into groups. This was something that was very beneficial for the students. Because this group of kids is very energetic and excited, this helped the kids really focus on what they were doing. I was walking around the class helping kids who needed help with things. I ended up drawing many different Star Wars characters, there are a few boys who are obsessed with Star Wars. They were so excited to see the drawings I was doing of their favorite characters. They also started drawing characters too. It was nice seeing a wide range of interpretations and skills from all the different kids.

Aside from working at CMA, this week has been very hectic. It is one of the last weeks of my residency. We are working on our last touches and getting everything ready for our final exhibition on the 7th of May.

Here is some information about the show: