This week at CMA was really exciting for me. I completed my second teaching lesson and it was a huge success. My lesson was to combine all the things we have been working on in Exploring Media into a final animation movie. The kids used the character costumes they design and the sets that we made during my last teaching lesson to make a film. I started out class with a little refresher of what we had made over the semester. I then showed the kids an example of a movie made at CMA that would be similar to what we would be trying to accomplish. After introducing the activity of the day, the kids were split into groups and made a narrative story for the film. The first group started filming and the second group watched their classmates star in front of the green screen. My initial plan was that while one group was filming, the other would be making their own stop motion animations at individual stations. The kids were so excited that they all just ended up watching each other. In the end I think this worked out better, the kids then gained confidence from their peers by watching them succeed in front of the camera.