This week was really eye opening for me.

On Monday, I was working in the Exploring Media class. We started class out with a drawing challenge. The main teacher, Ian, asked the class if anyone had any suggestions for the challenge of the day. One kid suggested that everyone draw their computer with their favorite folders on it. I was very shocked by this suggestion. I never really think about how it would be to be a little kids growing up with all the technology that we have access to. I was walking around the class asking some of the kids about their drawings. Some kids were designing their own model of a computer or iPad like device. Some kids were drawing some of their favorite apps and also designing new ones. It really shocked me that this is how kids brains work now, they are wired completely in technology. After the drawing challenge, the kids all started working on a mask. They all are designing their own character and making their mask so that they can bring that character to life. I helped some of the kids work on their mask and helped tie them to their heads. Then once everyone was done designing their masks, a line was formed and the kids got in from of a computer and camera. The kids were told to act out their character in from of the camera. The camera took tons of picture of the kids moving and this created a stop motion live animation of the kids. After everyone had a turn doing this, the entire class watched what we had just made. Next week we will be creating a background for the students to place in their animation stories.


On Thursday, I worked in YAK. We are still working on the Saatchi & Saatchi project. We finalized out design for our light box image. Students worked on this and I helped teach them a few tricks in photoshop. Next week will be the final week that we will have time to work on this project, and will also be my last week working with YAK.