Pinewood Elementary / Monica Derby - 2.5 Hours

It was my last day at Pinewood Elementary. We completed my lesson by painting our moons. The moons dryer completely over the weekend and were ready to be painted. We began the lesson by reviewing primary colors and how to make secondary colors. The students were very bright and knew the fundamentals of the color wheel. The children grabbed their moons and we handed out the paint. We reminded the students to remember from their previous drawings what they decided what color their moons will be. Most students followed suit with their worksheet, but some students changed their minds and thought of new ideas along the way. As I went around to check in with students, they experienced some difficulty with mixing the paint. This is where I wish I would of done a small demonstration on how to mix the paint to get the color you are looking for. Over All I believe the students had a wonderful time painting their moons and using their imagination overall to create a moon for earth. I hope to get invited back sometime in the near future. They were wonderful kids to work with and to see them expand their creative skills.