This week was my spring break as well as Pinewood's spring break. In a result of that I was not able to complete hours, but instead I started to work on the workshop for Perpich. I came across an idea to use Letraset. Letraset is sheets of typefaces and other artwork elements which can be transferred to artwork being prepare by rubbing. The different elements can be used to create a self-portrait, or an animal out of letters and numbers. This project was presented at the Walker Arts Center for their free first saturday event, instructed and created by Kindra Murphy, a professor at MCAD. I would like to incorporate the letraset into my workshop. I enjoy that it is fully hands on and encourages creativity. 

During this week was also my first day as an intern for family programs at the Walker Arts Center. I was there on free first saturday helping with each of the activities and overlooking the creativity that was happening. It was a great experience to see children and adults find joy in making art. In the picture below was when I was binding journals for people utilizing a three hole stitch method that was simple yet elegant. The children were creating journals based upon one picture that they chose from a box and then decorated their book with rubber stamps that were supplied for use.