Pinewood Elementary / Monica Derby - 1 hour

This week I was introduced to the second graders that I will be with during my residency at Pinewood Elementary in Monticello, Minnesota. Monica Derby and I discussed the residency and the days I would be attending her class. At the end when the class got into the classroom and did their morning duties. She introduced me to the class and explained what I would be doing there with them. Next week we planned to start and the first day I plan to bring in some of my smaller books that I have designed based on colors and photos that I have taken, to show what I do and the stuff that I make. I am excited to start working with the second graders in her classroom, they are very bright and happy children. 

Besides my residency, I have been preparing for a workshop that I have been asked to do at Perpich. I am having a difficult time deciding what I want to teach the students in the workshop. I am contemplating if I want to teach a graphic design lesson or a photo based lesson. I have until the middle of April to come up with a lesson, but I want to start putting my thoughts together now to get the ball rolling.