Anoka High School Residency – Kevan Nitzberg – 8 hours

Walker Art Center Shadowing - Ilene Mojsilov - 6.5 hours

This week I started my residency at Anoka High School with Kevan Nitzberg. I observed Kevan’s drawing classes such as his Drawing 1 and Drawing 2. We have found that Drawing 1  is a the better opportunity for teaching for me. They are in the process of completing their gridded self-portraits and then will be transitioning into emotive self-portraits. The day I was there, some of the students were working to complete their portraits  were still in the process of taking a picture of themselves to draw from. 

This week at the Walker Art Center I shadowed Ilene Mojsilov in the Art Lab. We were working with 3-5 years old children on creatures and habitat with the theme of chance. They spun a wheel to determined what the characteristics their creature would have as well as what color it would be. After they created their creature they would either put them in a creative minimal habitat that we created at the beginning of the session or they could create their own, by building a home for them. The children enjoyed talking about their creatures and the characteristics that they imagined for them. It was wonderful to see some children think of different characteristics such as: superpowers, or an over abundance or limbs. 

The second day I attended the Walker Art Center they had a St. Paul High School attend to create a "Future Museum." Ilene gave them the opportunity to imagine a future museum. The students had to think about curating, architecture, events, and theme and then work as a four person team to create their own future museum.