Intermedia Arts - Micheal Hay - 1 hr

This past week I couldn't make it to Kulture Klub on Thursday because of Finals at MCAD--I also did not go to Franklin Middle School because Ms. Strong had a family emergency to this week attend to so we are pushing back my lesson plan for next Friday (May 13th). I took the opportunity of not being able to TA at Franklin to attend a planned meeting at Little Earth of United Nations with Kevin Yang from Intermedia and representatives from Little Earth. Intermedia Arts is preparing for their 3rd installment of GenArt, a set of three workshops where they involve elders and youth from Little Earth to collaborate on art projects. Throughout the month of May I am helping out with their 3rd GenArt workshop where we'll be facilitating graffiti art painting sessions outside on wooden panels and at the end of the workshop (4 weeks) we'll be installing the boards inside Little Earth's gym. I will be helping out every Saturday from 12-4pm. I know this exceeds the timeframe for MCAD's Teaching Artist Practicum course but want to be involved with the local native community of Little Earth and help in Intermedia's amazing project in anyway I can. 

I look forward to being involved with all the organizations I've been aquatinted with through this course in the future and hope to facilitate positive change in young lives!