Intermedia Arts - Michael Hay, Director of Youth Development - 3 hours

This week was my second time meeting with Michael Hay at Intermedia Arts! Intermedia Arts is a multidisciplinary and multicultural arts organization which does most of its programing after school when Minneapolis youth are available to take arts classes. Michael Hay, Director of Youth Development, and I finalized a few different ways I would be able to help out around Intermedia and their programming.

The first way is to help out with their GenArt program happening February. GenArt is a program where Intermedia connects Native American Elders and youth to create art and poetry. I would be helping out in setting up and participating in some of the creative events that outside organizers and artists will be facilitating. 

Secondly, I will be helping the Intermedia Youth Council with the creation of a zine or some type of publication. They will be responding to the Guerrilla Girls Twin Cities Takeover and voice their own political concerns and opinions through this means. I have experience in making and putting together zines for myself and for political collectives in the past so I am looking forward to helping out the youth in finding their own voice through art! 

Lastly, I will be helping Intermedia spread word about their programs and events by going out into the community and doing some hands on grassroots organizing. I plan to contact a few schools and community centers in order to inform them of the great things Intermedia is doing and how their youth could participate. For example, I have another residency at Franklin Middle School with Melodee Strong, and I hope to inform students in the art classroom about certain events happening at Intermedia in case they were interested in being involve with the arts outside of the school as well!