Hopkins High School- Randi Rood, 4 hours

I am almost done with my residency at Hopkins. I am sad but I am leaving with an impact. But, back to this past week! The day started out with sketchbooks and a talk with the AP students about their portfolios. They just finished writing their thesis and are almost ready to submit. Randi felt pretty strongly that these pieces were not up to par with her past students and she let them know. I wondered if this was harsh but the students were responsive.  

Second block, however, was a lovely time. The kids are pretty open with me and I feel confident when we speak to each other and discuss their projects. They are a quiet group but very talented and they seem to have fun. I feel lucky to be able to connect with this particular group. They are not afraid to ask questions and are much more inquisitive about art. Which is very refreshing!