Wednesday February 17, 2016

Hopkins High School - Randi Rood, 3.5 hours

I have finally been able to start my placement at Hopkins. The wait was definitely worth it. Randi is a delight and very forgiving. On top of not starting when I was supposed to, I was also gifted at seven in the morning with a car that would not start. I learned that the trick was not getting the car started, but more so about finding someone who will jump your vehicle at seven in the morning. I went to the school and found a friend who was willing to help me out. After about a half an hour of attempting to start my vehicle I was on my way! I emailed Randi and I was welcomed with open arms. I was able to sit in on a critique for the Advanced Placement students who are currently working on concentrations. The class is split between the A.P. students, and Drawing 2 students. Randi is extremely impressive when it comes to balancing both. She started following up with every student in Drawing 2 and moved on to the A.P. students once they got working again. I was extremely impressed with everyone's work.

During second block, there was a Drawing 1 class. They watched a video and read an article about Jean-Michel Basquiat. I was so happy when they began discussing his legacy. After the article and video, the students recreated a one of his pieces in their sketchbooks. As they were working on life drawings based in the style of Basquiat, I read another article to the class about Basquiat's work and the elderly couple who owns a lot of his work. I also helped record grading for that class. It was a fun and exciting time, I can't wait to get back next week!