This was my last day at Doodlebugs! It was also baby animal day, which was a really fun topic. We had a wild group in the morning. Fortunately, it was a really nice day so we focused mainly on our outdoor activity, which was looking for nests and making our own nests outside. 

Since David left Silverwood, there have been a lot of people filling the naturalist role. In the morning, Krista helped out and worked as the 2nd Doodlebug teacher. She had a really fun and controlled demeanor, which was awesome. It is always so educational to see how different people control a group of 5 year olds. For the craft, we made little paper bunny baskets. For this project, I think we might have done a little too much prep for the kids, as they just breezed through coloring and putting them together. It all balanced out though, since we did spend extra time outside.

In the afternoon, we had a naturalist coming from a different park to teach, since there was nobody on the Silverwood staff available to work. She was very thorough in her lesson on baby animals. We walked over to a pond and listened to frogs chirping and hunted for nests in the grass!