Silverwood Park - Alyssa and Sam - 3.0 hours

This week we studied Maple Syrup at Doodlebugs! It was a particularly special day for a couple of reasons. First, it was Alyssa's first day as our Doodlebug Naturalist. It was also our first "Spring" Doodlebugs! It was very interesting to see how different the vibe of the class was without David. Since it was Alyssa's first day, it really required Sam to step in as the leader and make the kids feel comfortable with a new instructor. 

Alyssa gave a longer lesson on harvesting Maple Syrup, which the kids seemed to really enjoy since she brought in some Maple Syrup samples. We read The Mitten by Jan Brett, which is a classic story that a lot of the kids had already heard before! We stepped outside quickly to watch Alyssa's demonstration of tapping a maple tree, but it was cold so we didn't stay outside for very long at all. 

It is always interesting to see how new people approach teaching a group of children ages 4-5. Sam and Alyssa are pros, but I was reminded about how the chemistry of the instructors affect the general flow of the class itself.