This week was a bit more interesting than last week, I didn't sleep much, but I got a LOT of stuff done, which I'm very happy about!

On Monday I had my Illustrated Notebook -class, and we just worked on our finals and did smaller group critiques. It was a nice and relaxing class. That night wasn't as relaxing though, since I had to write several teaching artist documents that were due at midnight, and after those were done I realized that I also had to write a draft for a grant in my Professional Practice class... It was a long night of writing indeed...

On Tuesday night I had to finish both my Digital Coloring and Figure Drawing finals. The digital coloring went surprisingly quick, but my figure drawing piece took a lot longer, since I had to glue things to it, and then wait for them to dry. Once I finally finished it, I was pretty happy with it.

On Wednesday we critiqued the figure drawing finals. My piece divided people's opinions; some liked it and some thought it was a bit "too much" with the collaging elements, but overall I was glad that everyone seemed excited to talk about it. Other people's pieces were mostly really good, though unfortunately some hadn't had the time to finish theirs... Later on Wednesday night I studied for my Asian Art History final exam like crazy. I also had to finish my final paper for that class, so I didn't sleep much that night either. 

On Thursday, I had that exam, and I think it went pretty well, even though I was so tired. Hopefully the teacher will be able to understand my messy, half-asleep hand-writing...

On Friday I had work (at MCAD's mailroom), and nothing else interesting really happened, but then Saturday was very eventful. It was the free comic book day, so I of course had to go to a comic book store to get some new comics. Luckily one of my friends had a car, so we were able to go to a big and popular comic book store called "the Source". The lines were really long when we got there, but the wait was worth it. I didn't end up buying anything, and just got the free stuff, but it was fun nonetheless. After we came back, I started cleaning my apartment and packing, since I would be leaving back home in a week. I worked for about ten hours, with a few breaks in between, until I had to stop because my muscles were aching. 

So definitely some pretty cool things happened this week, and next week should be a lot of fun too, since the school will end, and I think there is some fun end of school events. The whole Teaching Artist Practicum class will also be visiting Lynda's (our teacher's) house for our final class of the year, and also for a brunch, which I bet will be great too!

I guess this is the end of my teaching artist journal then. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I'm actually thinking that I should probably start some sort of a new online journal, because I enjoyed this one so much... But we'll see if I actually have the time for that. Anyways, thank you so much for reading my journal, and have a wonderful summer!