Friday 3/10/2017 - Spectrum Artworks, collective studio hours 1-4 pm , 3 hours

This week was really rough on me, it was very busy and stressful with school, and in the middle of the week I got a horrible migraine. This actually made me miss going to Spectrum on Thursday, I felt awkward since I waited until the very last minute to tell Jes about it, because I was hoping my migraine would maybe go away.

On Friday, I felt a lot better (though I was still a bit out of it), so I was able to go to Spectrum again. When I arrived, I noticed that there was more people in the basement's community lounge than normally and as I walked through the crowd people told me that there would be a monthly community meeting that day. I proceeded to walk to the art studio, and was surprised to notice that Jes was nowhere to be found. I walked around the space for a moment, and talked to a new artist who I hadn't met before. She had the cutest service dog, and I was allowed to pet it. This really made my day, since I miss my own dogs back in Finland a lot...

After talking to her, I figured that I probably shouldn't be in the studio without Jes accompanying me, so I went back to the community space. After awhile of walking around there, I got called upstairs to hear that Jes was stuck in traffic and I should wait her there. Soon enough she arrived, and we joined the community meeting. It was a very interesting event, there were many announcements made and one of them was about my lesson, which was exciting and I even got to say a few words about it too. Most of the event's focus was on a person who was about to leave Lighthouse after working there for awhile. I never got a chance to talk to him, but he seemed like a very nice person. There was also two different types of soup and cake served at the meeting, which was great. I'm was happy to notice that they had vegan options too. I tasted the vegan cake (which was also gluten free), and it was really good.

When the meeting ended, Jes suggested that I'd start working on a flier for my class that is coming up on April 6th. So that is what I spent the rest of my time doing. It was fun, but I felt a bit bad that I wasn't in the studio and talking to people, but at least the flier I made turned out to be pretty cool:

The flier for my up-coming class at Spectrum!

The flier for my up-coming class at Spectrum!

After making the flier, I cleaned the studio tables again and soon it was almost four o'clock again, and time for me to leave.

Next week's entry will most likely be very long, since I will try to write about one whole week at the Expo Elementary school in St. Paul. I'm sure that the week will be full of memorable experiences and people, so let's hope I can write something that does justice to that adventure!

Until then people!