I'm very excited to start writing this journal, since it'll basically be the story of me venturing into the professional world of teaching art!

I'm off to a slightly rough start, since my internet connection was very bad over the winter break, but I've got two interesting residencies and a shadowing ahead of me, and I've started contacting the people about them. Now that I'm at a place with good connection, I have a feeling it's going to all work just fine!

My residencies are going to be at Expo Elementary in St. Paul, and since it's a bit far away, I'm working there over the spring break in March. The place sounds great from what I know! Then I've also got a residency at Spectrum, and that is happening sooner, but I'm still figuring out the schedule with them. The shadowing is happening in Simpson Housing and I'm very much still figuring things out with them too.

Anyway, this is going to be a fun semester, and I'm looking forward to everything that these experiences are going to offer, to me and to you people who might be reading this!