Paul Sinkler, MCTC, 2.5 hours

Today was a very fun day—Paul brought in a 360 degree camera made by Ricoh. It essentially does what Google’s Street View cars do. There are two lenses on opposite sides of the camera, and a shutter button in the middle. With the help of software, the image is rendered into a 360 panorama that can be looked around at from all directions. Paul decided that one of the last assignments for the Photo 2 class before their final should be fun and make the use of cutting edge photo technology. 

Paul explained that even if this kind of technology is simply ephemera that doesn’t have practical use in the industry, it’s important to become familiar with what is technology is cutting edge. You never know what kind of technology will become important, and to know knowledge of such new and niche technologies can be extremely valuable.

We all passed around the camera taking pictures with it. Not only can it do photo, but it can also do video. After the demonstration, students were encouraged to rent it from the school, and start working on their assignment. Because of this, we had a work day, and we all left a little earlier than we normally do. 

Today was my last day at MCTC, and I’m very sad for our time together to end. I’ve had a really great time with Paul and his class, all of them have been so nice and welcoming to me since my very first day. Paul has invited me to the 2017 MCTC Photo Show that is happening at Public Functionary gallery in Northeast, and I’m really excited to see everybody there one last time.