Total Hours: 5

Perpich, Rebecca Bullen, 5 Hours

Today I started my first week TA-ing for Rebecca at Perpich and was welcomed very warmly by both her and the students. We began with her morning class by doing photograms in the darkroom. I helped set up the chemicals and assisted Rebecca with troubleshooting some enlarger problems. I also got to see my good friend Josh Olson, who works at the media center, or as they call it, “the bat cave.”

I was so happy to see how well everybody was doing with their work. These students are really incredible. I couldn’t have gotten a better vibe from the students and their relationship with Rebecca. Everybody was incredible nice to me—I felt very well received.  

After the morning class I put away and cleaned the darkroom materials, then proceeded to spend the afternoon with Rebecca’s narrative class. They had been introduced an assignment to shoot a narrative film that they’d written and had storyboards for. Rebecca and I walked around all over checking up on how the groups were doing. During this time I also got a more in-depth tour of the school. 

Once they were done shooting, they came back to the classroom to begin editing. I offered up my help to anybody who needed it with Adobe Premiere. Here I also got a better chance to chat with the students and Rebecca about what it’s like at Perpich.

It was wonderful to hear all of the students talking about their projects and about art in general. I smiled when I heard them say very art-world words. I was astonished at all of their knowledge and skill when it came to their craft. They were no doubt way ahead of me when I was their age! I had an absolutely wonderful time, and I can’t wait to continue!