El Colegio - Art Classroom - 4.5 hours

This week we focused on making sure all assignments were caught up. Students were given time to finish their portfolios for the upcoming portfolio review. Many of the students wanted to also redo old assignments with the skills they have learned. I was very pleased to see all students working very hard and enthusiastically. I also allowed more time to finish their self portrait collages.

The students are very proud of their portfolios and very careful with each assignment. The ownership of their work is what have changed their work ethics much. They can see the results of hard work and they take much pride in their work. This is very different from when we first began. The students have progressed immensely. One challenge I have is the limits on our supplies. I will be asking around to see if anyone I know is interested in donating any materials for the school. We are really in need of everything but most importantly, we need scissors, glue sticks, drawing paper, pencils, erasers, and paint. I am enjoying teaching at El Colegio and the experience it is giving me. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed but now we have a rapport and class is going very well.