El Colegio High School_Thomas Ramirez_ 5 hours

I spent an hour and a half meeting with the administrator prior to my onset of practicum. The school is very energetic and everyone is very nice and enthusiastic. The school is very bright and has art work all over the building. The student work is highly impressive. The administrator showed me the sign up sheet for the class which was overflowing but he assured me that the class size would be limited to 25 students. I began on Wednesday, however there was a problem with the IT scheduling and so we did not have any class time. Instead, I began organizing the art room, a task that was needed. On Thursday, there was again IT issues and so the administrator told me I did not need to come in that day. On friday, the issues were still at hand, likely due to the foul weather and so I helped the students work on their wooden hearts. The wooden hearts will be painted and auctioned off in a fundraiser for scholarships. It is a wonderful event and the kids all worked very hard. The rest of my time was utilized to continue the organization. The organization will likely take another five hours or so but once complete, it will be fantastic. I look forward to beginning my week at the school tomorrow.