Whittier - Elizabeth Mundt, 4th grade, 4 hours.
Simpson Housing - Melodee Strong, 2 hours.

At Whittier, I was able to see how Mrs. Mundt's class was reacting to her new reward system that she had started about 3 or 4 weeks ago. It was the one where she puts a buzzer on herself and when it buzzes, the first student she sees gets either a red or green cube, according to their behavior and if they're on task. I noticed that it's helping her class greatly and she agrees that this is helping a lot as well. It's nice to see how her students have adjusted to the reward system she's created. 

Later in the day, I spent some time at Simpson Housing again with Hanna this time. It was really great to see Melodee again. The kids got to understand what a mural was and made their own mural of what a neighborhood is to them. Everyone seemed really into it, including the mentors of the kids. I felt like Hanna was very encouraging to the kids as well and was able to speak out clearly to them, even though it was her first time with them. That's something I quite admire.