Whittier - Mrs. Mundt, grade 4 - 5 hours
Simpson Housing - Melodee Strong - 2 hours

It's my second day with Mrs. Mundt's class, and they are warming up to me. They are a very nice and independent group of students, so I often feel helpless there (especially in the Math department). It's interesting to see how Mrs. Mundt handles her students and teaches the class. She often likes to split the class into two groups: one group is learning with her and the other group is doing independent work that's still related to the topic (normally on the ipad). They switch during half time. That style of teaching seems to work great with her class, plus, they can get better attention to their needs. I'm slowly thinking of a lesson plan for this class! 

It's been awhile since I've been at Simpson and it's still really nice. There was a lot of prep work this time around because the project was acrylics. Again, each child had their own mentor that they are very comfortable with, so I went around offering more supplies to each table whenever I saw them becoming low of something. It's great to see the variety of work that children produce!

I look forward to next week!