Whittier International School, Edith McDonald, Grades 1, 4, 5 - (3 hours)
Simpson Housing, Kate and Melodee, (3 hours)

I always feel like I'm hustling over at Whittier. By the time I realize it, a new class has entered and the previous class had gone. There is not a moment to spare to even take a breath until lunch hour, I realize. 

First grade has been working on creating dragons for the Chinese New Year and they are always pretty excited about working hands on and creating something. This class is rather rowdy this week and I had to keep a close eye on staplers, because I overheard a child wanting to staple his sleeve shut. Thank goodness I saw and took the staplers away. 

The 4th and 5th graders get the same online assignment this week, which was researching your favorite Black Artist for Black History Month. I appreciate Edie incorporating all the celebrations in the classroom. It went fairly well and I think the students are finally getting more comfortable with the laptops.

Last week at Simpson, I was given a task by Melodee in completing a collage themed "City Life". Collage isn't really my forte, so it was quite difficult for me. It was fun though, despite being difficult. This week, Iris and I helped watch over the children as they finished up with their collage. I only really did the set up. The kids were already rearing to go with their collages so all I did was watch over them. They each have their own individual tutors, so that is extremely helpful. I like setting up supplies but often feel a bit awkward when interacting with others. I met with Kate earlier and we discussed making lesson plans. I will have to get used to writing often. My writing isn't spectacular, but I hope to take this as a growing opportunity in my writing skills. Until I see Melodee again, I will be working on inventory and grant writing/lesson plans with Kate.