Kenwood School – Stephanie Green – 3rd grade – 7 hours

It's decided, I will be doing a shield project. After talking with Mrs. Green I found that this project will happen the week that they finish their studies in ancient civilizations. My Plan is to do a presentation at the end of class Thursday the 16th. This presentation will cover the general idea of what sort of meanings go into the designs on shields. I want to discuss the idea of heraldry, power animals and other ideas of symbolism. I will plan this out more over the next week.

Here is some planning started for the project...

- Heavy paper, maybe cut into circles, for final designs. - 30
- Printer paper, to draw rough ideas on - 50
- Cardboard, cut into circles, to mount the shield drawings on - 30
- Glue - 25
- Scissors - 25
- Illustration Markers - Have - 25
- Colored Markers, for filling in what was drawn with the illustration markers. - at least 25

Planning for Shield Project
Day one presentation - no more than 10 slides
Day two presentation - no more than 5 slides

I think this is a good list of everything I may need.


p.s. I'm really excited!