Perpich-Graham Judd- 3 hours

MCBA - Cindy Gipple - 3 hours

MCBA This week was paper making!! Having only done it once on my own I was a little nervous but since they were only first graders they had no idea I was inexperienced. It went incredibly smooth for being complex and delicate. Each student made two sheets, a color and an inclusion. The inclusions are things added to the paper pulp, in this case magazine shreds. (see the photo) 


I just want to say everything at MCBA runs so smooth. There was 5 different groups going at the same time and everything seem to work. They transitioned between three different activities and ate lunch and got a tour. It was incredibly complicated looking at the schedule but they made it work splendidly.

Perpich I got to teach!! The critique is in a couple weeks so I'll get to see final results then but they are going to do great. The first time around I spoke pretty fast and could have explained things a little better. The second time was great! They understood much more and I was definitely less nervous. (it may have helped to not be recorded) I really liked doing teaching. It gave me some authority in the classroom which wasn't necessarily there before. This coming week I will get a look at in progress prints and decide we will have to see how well it all went.