This week times were still getting organized so I didn't have the opportunity to start teaching. 

The week before I met with Graham Judd at Perpich Center for Arts Education. I will be teaching in a Screen Printing class filled with Juniors and Seniors. I met with Graham last week and got a tour of the school. It's an amazing place and I think that it will be a great experience.

I met with Jan Elftmann who is a teaching artist at the Minnesota Science Museum. Unfortunately I won't get to shadow her until March but I am thrilled to get to work with her. It will be an interesting couple weeks getting to help teach science.

My last placement is at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. I met with Angela Hed Vincent who is the Youth and Community Programs Director. I will get to help with a bunch of different youth classes and have the opportunity to see how MCBA runs. 

I'm incredibly thrilled to have such great placements and can't wait to start next week!