Jackson Elementary School - Judith Kerrigan-Krodel and Michelle Gholl - 7.00 hours

This week we got to see Aladdin at the O'Shaughnessy! I (along with my supervisor, Gretchen, and my friend, Michelle, who is partaking in the internship with me) have put a lot of work into this show in terms of helping with costume production, and I know that Out On A Limb Dance Studio has also put lots of work into it, so it was awesome being able to see the final production with the students at Jackson.

At the very beginning of the show, some Arabian dancers came out and one student immediately recognized the fabric from last week's lesson! It was really fun to be at the student show–there was some serious high energy in that auditorium. After the show was over, there were a few students dancing while waiting for the bus, which was awesome to see! Not only did they enjoy the show, but they have an interest in dancing! 

The buses did take awhile to get out of the parking lot and back to Jackson Prep (there were a TON of students and schools there!), so it ended up taking a good portion of the day. When the students got back, they had a later lunch and then went outside for recess. After sitting in the auditorium, there were some students that had a lot of energy to burn off! One student in particular, however, wanted to create some art, so she found mud and a stick and made art with that on the sidewalk. Gotta love that ingenuity!