Unfortunately, the big storm that happened this week hindered me from getting to visit Jackson Elementary. I decided that, since I wasn't able to be on site, I would focus on the first art-infused lesson that I hope to be doing with the students. Since the students are going to be seeing Out On A Limb Dance Company's production of Aladdin, for which I am interning in the costume department, I wanted to come up with a lesson that would hopefully incorporate the production and get the students excited about getting to see it.

What I am hoping to do is get scraps from the costumes for the students to use in a collage project. Since the modern version of Aladdin is believed to take place in an Arabic speaking country, I thought it would be beneficial for the students to use the scraps to make their own arabic mosaics. I still need to work out the lesson plan, but I am excited to do my first art-infused lesson with the students!