Jackson Elementary School - Judith Kerrigan-Krodel and Michelle Gholl - 7.00

Today was a very special day at Jackson Elementary–it was the 100th day of school! Students were allowed to bring in 100 of something if they desired. One student brought beads, another pennies, and another almonds (which he ate so many that by the time he counted them out, he was down to 74!) There was also many activities for the 100th day, including counting worksheets, coloring sheets, and a poem all about the number 100. It was apparent the students were very excited about the 100th day-my voice was gone by the end of the day and is still recovering! I do not mind though, because it was a really fun day.

I also got a sketchbook for each classroom to take students out of the classroom and draw/sketch/illustrate anything their heart desires! I was able to take one student at the end of the day, and we drew robots together (which happens to be one of my favorite subjects to illustrate!) and he responded really well to the activity.

I can't wait for next week-I'll be bringing my first lesson to each classroom!