Perpich Center for Arts Education - Pat Benincasa - 6 hours

The seniors at Perpich get to do a retrospective gallery show of their work at the end of each school year. Monday was the first day that they were released from classes to begin exclusively working on the retro show, so things were a bit crazy around the visual arts department! 

I came in a bit early on Monday to show Pat my lesson plan… She gave me some very good and specific feedback! I think it will be a great lesson, Pat was very excited about it also! She said that she wishes her seniors would be able to attend. I do too! I've made some good connections with them and it would be a really great experience to be able to teach them something valuable that they would take away from my lesson and remember forever! Just the 5 students will be a really great experience for me, though. I will be giving a presentation on edge quality and atmospheric perspective, and giving students work time on Monday, and continuing work time and finishing up with critique on Tuesday. It should be a great lesson!

So, being that the seniors were out of class doing their own thing, I only had three students in the sculpture course, and five in the painting course. Pat was needed by the seniors to help answer questions so she was running around like crazy and pretty much left me in charge! So this week I was able to just sit and talk with the students some more as they worked on their projects. The sculpture students were given a assignment to make a mobile sculpture suspended from the ceiling, and the painting students were working on a long, vertical, foreground-middleground-background painting. 

I gave the painting students a little heads up about my lesson and some of them seemed very interested! I'm excited! Only one more week and I'm all finished with my placements. It will be bittersweet.