Walker Art Center - Ilene Mojsilov - 2 Hours

This week Ilene and I worked with people from LifeWorks, a group of adults with disabilities. Again, like last week, the group had a gallery tour as well as a creative activity. There was only eight people in the group, and they also had to do a project based off of a gallery space. 

Many of the group members loved Franz Marc's Blue Horses, a beautiful Fauvist painting, probably one of the Walkers most famous paintings! When Ilene and I passed out the little photos of artworks for the learners to use in their gallery spaces, most of them picked the blue horses! We had to assist them a lot, and do more prep than usual, but I think they had a great experience! After they picked their artworks for their gallery spaces, they arranged them on the walls, added wallpaper, frames, and benches and visitors. They also had to name their gallery. 

Again, Ilene had them go around and talk about their gallery. She gave affirming statements on how each gallery was different, and made sure that each group member got the most out of this creative experience. What a great week! Such a please to work with Ilene again, and with an amazing group of learners.