Coon Rapids High School – Jennifer Latuff – 20 hours

Another fantastic week at Coon Rapids High School! On Monday I made a grade sheet for my Drawing 3 students' life drawings. They were to turn in their two best drawings along with a written statement describing their experience and how they met the requirements of the life drawing unit I taught them last week.  

Ms. Latuff had me grade them as well as provide written feedback. She assisted me through the whole process. Grading was an interesting experience, that I enjoyed… Ms. Latuff said that was crazy. But it was good to learn how the grading works! I have always been curious. The other teachers in the art department at CRHS share their grading methods with me as well. Reading the statements gave me insight to my teaching and I took notes on do's and don'ts for next time!

I'm excited for Lynda to come in and observe my monotype print lesson I'll be teaching on Monday. I was able to play around with CRHS's water-based inks,  their plexi plates and their small presses so that I have a little more knowledge and experience for my demo.