This was my last session at Spectrum for the semester.  It was a perfect last time.  For the first half of the time I assisted Levi in his lesson that he facilitated.  The whole concept was collaboration and animation through a constantly changing surface.  The paper surface changed when the artists drew something on it, and then passed it to the person next to them.  It was very interesting to see all of these artists from different disciplines coming together on one page.  Individual styles really showed through as well, as there wasn’t much time on each drawing.  It was a fun time.

The last half of the session was spent in the studio, assisting and conversing with the artists.  Just like last week, it was a quieter session, even though there were a lot of people in the studio.  Everyone seemed happy with his or her work, and it was a really lighthearted session all around.  People might’ve been feeling a lot better from the great weather, and summer coming up.  I can only thank Spectrum, Jes, Christi, and all of the artists for being so wonderful throughout this entire time.  It was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  I hope that the artists got from me as much as they gave. 


I’m pleased to say that I’ll be going back to Spectrum in the summer for an internship involving studio work and facilitating lessons.  But for now, see you later!