This week at Spectrum I’ve been continuing to work on my lesson, which is coming up in two weeks, and how it will be formatted.  Though I already know the artists pretty well by now, it’s still a bit intimidating to think about the aspect of instructing.  But, I have heard from some of the artists that they are excited about it, so I’m optimistic. 

I also continued consulting the members on some of their projects, and one of the artists there had brought in a piece that was from some years ago.  She thought it wasn’t very good and that she wanted to just throw it away.  I immediately understood where she was coming from.  It is so tempting to see work from a long time ago and just get rid of it.  However, I’ve found that keeping some of that work gives both the artist and others a good idea of just how much can change as far as technique, style change, medium and subject.  Having this record of your work can say a lot, which I think is very valuable. 


I began my second week at the MIA working with and observing a new instructor who focused their session on the new Hapsburg show and it was a very interesting time.  There were two different classes going on, so while I saw most of one session, I was also able to peek in on the other class that was going on next door.  I found it interesting to see the two different teaching artists using their own styles of teaching.  One was more vocal with giving directions, and the other chose to look more and observe the class, and talk after a while.  I think it was important for me to observe this, as it will give me an idea of how to think of myself in that position and how I want to portray myself.