Spectrum Artworks Internship - Jes Reyes - 8 Hours

This week I started my internship at Spectrum Artworks under Jes Reyes.  Mostly I’ve used my time there getting to know the clients in the studio better.  I was able to look at the art that was being made and was also able to have conversations about the art with the clients.  Hopefully as time goes on, I’ll get to know the artists better through more interaction observation of each persons’ individual style and subject matter.  Altogether, I’ve found that most of the time the artist that has questions about the work already know what they want, they just need to know that someone would support them in their decisions.

I know how difficult this type of thinking can be.  It’s not very easy to trust in your own thoughts, but sometimes having someone to prove that people will support your decisions artistically really helps.  I have found that the artists in the Artworks program are a lot more accepting and welcoming than some of the people I have met in the professional art world.