Week 12: Kenwood Elementary School, Stephanie Green's Third Grade Classroom - 4 hours

This week, I spent the duration of my time in Stephanie Green's classroom observing the students and their daily activities. The kids had their morning meeting, then proceeded to do more independent work for Language Arts. Right now, the students are studying nonfiction formatting and reading comprehension. Next, the students move on to Math, in which they are mostly learning how to do more advanced subtraction. The kids are very high energy and fun to work with. There are a couple of students from other classrooms who come in during the afternoon, and one of them offered to let me read some of his library books while the kids were out playing at recess. As far as my lesson planning goes, I'm thinking I might do another Math-based project, because I think the kids need a fun way of approaching the project. Otherwise, I could probably do something language arts based too, but I will certainly confer with Stephanie about what she would prefer to have me teach. The kids still have their Math Squares hanging up from the last time I was there with Tara, another student here at MCAD who is in the teaching artist program.